all levels at once x cxdr x macklemore - phoenix shop
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all levels at once x cxdr x macklemore - phoenix shop


haven’t done this in a while cherax destructor put out a new track remix so i did my mandatory mashup

i think i need to lie down

The awesome artists who put together the Phoenix Remixes EP really deserve their own post. Please go show these guys some love!

Alexei Towers ( soundcloud

Sgt-Whip ( soundcloud / youtube )

lee ium ( soundcloud )

Redose ( soundcloud / tumblrfacebook / bandcamp )

Dormin ( soundcloud / youtubetumblr )

Cherax Destructor ( soundcloud / bandcamp / facebookyoutube )

All Levels at Once - Phoenix Remixes EP

( bandcamp / youtube / direct download / spotify / itunes )


Sung By: Mickey M.
Written and Composed by: All Levels at Once

Download it Here:

Xan, Lil Boulder, Gamer Scootaloo, Cactus, Wiggles

We wrote this song last year for Sam’s comic. It’s cool to hear it again and see it released. Proud of Mickey for her awesome performance and proud of Sam for his hard work and putting it all together.

AgonistAgent - Phoenix (Reborn in Analog Cover)
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A weird acoustic/electronic/experimental/sampletastic cover of alllevelsatonce​’s Phoenix from the No More Eight Bit album (it’s also released as a single if you swing that way).

Whew. Probably my best work to date…

17 hours, 23 minutes in FL, plus a few more for bouncing and recording and finding stuff to hit - everything was recorded from scratch (no synths or sample packs) and then drowned in freeware effects~

Hey this is super cool!! sounds like it’s from the off soundtrack?? 


So I heard your dirty little secret